Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy presented in here applies globally for Blue Project Software operations. Blue Project Software is a software manufacturer creating software products for you and your business.

Overall privacy statement

We consider your privacy very important. We gather several types of information about our users and that's why we want you to know the terms and conditions on which we base our actions. This policy presents the types of information we collect and how we use it. This privacy policy applies to this web site that you are viewing when you clicked through to this policy, which is operated directly by us.

What information does Blue Project Software collect?

Blue Project Software collects through its contact forms or other types of forms available on this website personal identifiable information like name, email address, company name, title and position. From time to time we might ask you to provide us with other information so that we can serve you according to your needs.

How does Blue Project Software use this information?

We use the collected information only for us so that we can improve the services we are providing to our customers. The specific reasons for which we can use your information are the following:

  • improve our services and the way we present products and information to you;
  • to provide you news related to Blue Project Software products and services when we have your agreement for this operation;
  • to fulfill your requests regarding certain products and services;

Does Blue Project Software share the collected information with other parties?

No. Blue Project Software is not sharing the collected information about the users of its website and products with other parties. Blue Project Software is not selling the collected information about the users to other parties. Blue Project Software is keeping this information for its sole use.

What are the options for those that do not wish to provide any information to us?

Users who would prefer not to provide us any information can use our services provided on the website in the same manner as the registered users. Still your options of sending us feedback using contact form or other forms from our website might be lower than for the user that is providing us these data.

How about privacy policy changes?

The proper place to be notified about privacy policy changes is this page. When a major privacy policy change takes place all our registered users will receive an email specifying the link to the updated privacy policy.

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